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Photographs of Peebles Railway
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Angling Club Cottage: View from the rear of the 11.15 Galashiels-Peebles-Edinburgh train between Clovenfords and Thornielee (on the last day of service, 3rd February 1962) showing how high the line climbed above the ...
Peebles Railway
Frank Spaven Collection (Courtesy David Spaven) [03/02/1962] Ref: 31488

Angling Club Cottage: The view east along the trackbed of the Peebles Railway towards Clovenfords in January 2009. The location is high above the River Tweed in the vicinity of the former Angling ...
Peebles Railway
Ewan Crawford [17/01/2009] Ref: 31487

Angling Club Cottage: View looking west at the former Angling Club Cottage. The platform and waiting shelter were to the left. [See image 31487]
Peebles Railway
Ewan Crawford [17/01/2009] Ref: 35290

Balnakeil: Old undated photograph looking along the Peebles Loop towards Clovenfords at Balnakeil, showing the highly skewed arch (Bridge No. 65) that carried the A72 road over the Peebles branch on ...
Peebles Railway
Bill Jamieson Collection [//] Ref: 49611

Bonnyrigg: Bonnyrigg station from the south.
Peebles Railway
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 789

Bonnyrigg: Bonnyrigg from the B704, March 2005.
Peebles Railway
John Furnevel [/03/2005] Ref: 5982

Bonnyrigg: Bonnyrigg - looking south east along the island platform - Nov 2005.
Peebles Railway
John Furnevel [/11/2005] Ref: 5957

Bonnyrigg: A jogger runs through platform 1 at Bonnyrigg station (closed 1962) heading towards Hardengreen Junction. The former station on the Peebles Loop is now part of a walkway/cycleway. View north ...
Peebles Railway
John Furnevel [05/03/2011] Ref: 33116

Locations along this line: Leadburn Cardrona Clovenfords Eddleston Esk Valley Junction Rosewell and Hawthornden Innerleithen Bonnyrigg Peebles Pomathorn Rosslynlee Thornielee Walkerburn Peebles West Loanstone Peebles Old Peebles Engine Shed Peebles East Cardona Eshiels Tunnel Eshiels Milkhall Crossing Plates, signs and notices Peebles Gasworks Angling Club Cottage Rosslynlee Hospital Halt Balnakeil The Nest Caddon Mill Torwoodlee Mains