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Beamish: Q6 63379 clatters past Beamish signal box on a misty morning in February 1964 with a train of flats heading for Consett steelworks.
North Eastern Railway
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [15/02/1964] Ref: 22966

Beamish: A trainload of iron ore on its way from Tyne Dock to Consett photographed passing through Beamish station on a February morning in 1964. Hard working 9F 2-10-0 no 92097 ...
North Eastern Railway
K A Gray [15/02/1964] Ref: 45060

Beamish: The back end of hard-working Austerity 2-8-0 no 90434 is about to disappear into the smoke-filled tunnel at the west end of Beamish station in the winter of 1964. In ...
North Eastern Railway
K A Gray [15/02/1964] Ref: 29937

Beamish: A train of steel flats climbs through Beamish towards Consett in February 1964 behind Q6 0-8-0 no 63455. Tyne Dock shed's allocation around this time included 16 of the hard ...
North Eastern Railway
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [15/02/1964] Ref: 23992

Beamish: BR Standard class 9F 2-10-0 no 92097, having taken on WD 2-8-0 no 90434 as banker at South Pelaw, climbs through Beamish on an overcast Saturday 15 February 1964 with ...
North Eastern Railway
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [15/02/1964] Ref: 23762

Beamish: A hard working Q6 no 63379 climbs through Beamish past a notable North Eastern signal post hauling empty steel flats destined for Consett on 15 February 1964.
North Eastern Railway
K A Gray [15/02/1964] Ref: 23814

Beamish: Q6 0-8-0 no 63357 near Beamish up distant on a misty 15 February 1964 [see image 27314].
North Eastern Railway
K A Gray [15/02/1964] Ref: 42685

Beamish: Q6 0-8-0 no 63455 climbs through Beamish on a chilly February day in 1964 with a train of steel flats returning to Consett.
North Eastern Railway
K A Gray [15/02/1964] Ref: 27578

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