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Photographs of Carnforth
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Carnforth: Looking north at Carnforth station. The WCML half, to the right, is out of use.
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 1731

Carnforth: Looking south from the Barrow and Leeds bound platforms at Carnforth. Steamtown was located to the right.
Ulverston and Lancaster Railway
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 2153

Carnforth: Carnforth Barrow and Leeds bound platforms looking north.
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Ewan Crawford [//] Ref: 2222

Carnforth: German 01 pacific photographed in the shed at Steamtown, Carnforth, in the 1970s. [With thanks to Phil Bartlett]
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
John Furnevel [//] Ref: 3688

Carnforth: BR Britannia Pacific 70013 Oliver Cromwell preparing to couple up to the empty stock of a special in the yards at Carnforth in the 1960s.
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Robin Barbour Collection (Courtesy Bruce McCartney) [//] Ref: 21222

Carnforth: Regarded by many as one of the world's greatest steam locomotive engineers, Andre Chapelon retired as Engineer-in-Chief of the SNCF in 1953. Part of his legacy, one of the legendary ...
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Colin Miller [//] Ref: 21983

Carnforth: A4 Pacific no 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley, about to leave the former main line platforms at Carnforth in May 1967 heading for Carlisle following a visit to Crewe works. [Former ...
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
David Spaven [/05/1967] Ref: 26855

Carnforth: 4498 Sir Nigel Gresley, fresh from Crewe Works, heading north through Carnforth in May 1968 bound for Carlisle. The A4's ultimate destination was Glasgow, where the locomotive was due to ...
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
David Spaven [//1968] Ref: 26242